Our Values





  Our vision is that every person of South Asian Origin (POSAO) breast cancer patient can access local help and support that they need in a way that suits their culture, background and lifestyle. 





  To establish a local self-support group for patients, their families’ carers and friends offering culturally appropriate peer support and tailored information and events.

To provide a space where both practical and sensitive support is offered during and after the treatment period.





We have two key objectives:

1. to promote the advancement of physical and mental health or saving lives by providing support and assistance for POSAO patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have in the past suffered from breast cancer, through the provision of services such as but not limited to information, open meetings, social events, and a website. 

2. to advance the education of the public in the subject of breast cancer and other cancer related subjects such as but not limited to; cancer prevention and cancer diagnoses.


Organisation & Team



  Our values will guide our passionate approach to our service provision, how we deal with our stakeholders, how we work with each other and deliver our service. We have established three key values that are:

1. Empathy - to positively interface, listen and respect.

2. Support – provide assistance and help when it is required.

3. Trust – providing an inclusive and secure atmosphere where people feel safe to talk and share their experience.


Organisation & Team

Organisation & Team


  Our purpose will be to serve the local POSA community in Maidenhead, Slough and Windsor (not limited to), we will provide the following:

1. Self-Support Group meetings at local venues. Organising a range of activities including monthly meetings, lunches and drinks evenings, nature walks, multi-day getaways and workshops. We will produce a calendar of events that will be available on our website.

2. Providing and platforming information and knowledge to support our target group. Organising professionals and organisations to contribute to monthly events.

3. Organising events and campaigns to promote breast cancer education. We will undertake outreach work at local schools and community venues.

4. Promoting participation in cancer screening programmes and any other related programmes or activity.

5. Campaign, advocating and collaborating for effective cancer services for the POSOA community.

6. Making grants available to individuals and organisations that provide advocacy, advice, information and research that advances our purpose.

By enabling better understanding, better coping and gatherings at the self-support group will result in two key outcomes: firstly, the advancement of health; and secondly, saving more lives. 

Organisation & Team

Organisation & Team

Organisation & Team


  We will be set up as a Charitable incorporated organisation in the UK. Funded by grants and fund raising. 

· We will led by a Board of Trustees consisting of three trustees.

o Iyna Butt

o Samina Hussain

o Inder S Poonaji

· An Organising Committee will be set up to run and organise the programmes consisting of a rotating: chair, secretary, treasure and officers as required.

· We aim to establish a patron to act ambassador for the organisation.